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Bad Dog 8 Ball Rattle Toy

Bad Dog 8 Ball Rattle Toy$12.00

Our research showed that this rattling 8 ball turns even the most sedentary dogs into playful puppies. Made of tough densely woven canvas, and printed like an 8 ball, this soft toy is tons of fun!

Bad Dog Hats all-purpose Leash

Bad Dog Hats all-purpose Leash$14.00

Matching leads or leashes in matching sizes as the collars in a 5’ length. The Large leash comes in 5’ and 2’ lengths. Like the bow- tie collars these leads are made with sturdy hardware, Swivel Snap Hooks, multiple bartacks and the obligatory hand loop. Come in colors White Red or Black Small 1/2” wide webbingnbsp;… [View Details]

Squeaky Cigars for your Dog

Squeaky Cigars for your Dog$14.00

Made of tough cotton duck fabric, with seamed in “wrapped tobacco” look and an official Bad Dog Hats cigar band. Best of all if has a hearty squeaker in the biting end of the cigar, encouraging your pooch to smoke and squeak!   These cigars make a great gift for new puppy owners, or proudnbsp;… [View Details]

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