Matching Results: Collars and Neck Scarves

Bad Dog Hats all-purpose Leash

Bad Dog Hats all-purpose Leash$14.00

Matching leads or leashes in matching sizes as the collars in a 5’ length. The Large leash comes in 5’ and 2’ lengths. Like the bow- tie collars these leads are made with sturdy hardware, Swivel Snap Hooks, multiple bartacks and the obligatory hand loop. Come in colors White Red or Black Small 1/2” wide webbingnbsp;… [View Details]

Bow Tie Collar

Bow Tie Collar$18.00

When a tie is called for this is the one! An elegant velvet bow tie collar is ready for the restaurant or wedding, in a variety of colors! These heavy duty collars are made extra sturdy with a D-Ring for attaching a lead and adjustable with a metal slider and a side release buckle. White Collar/Rednbsp;… [View Details]

Festive holiday Bow ties for dogs

Festive holiday Bow ties for dogs$18.00

Do you have a formal do for the holidays? Your furry friend wants to get dressed up too! This nice cheerful, glittery taffeta Tie is the right thing for him to wear! In red plaid, with white collar. Collar has D-Ring for attaching lead, and adjustable SR buckle closure. Small Medium or Large.

Formal scarf for Dogs – Tux Scarf

Formal scarf for Dogs – Tux Scarf$21.00

Sometimes a Bandana just wont do. Your dog can do his best James Bond impersonation in this easy to wear scarf. Made of Crushed velvet with a white inset “shirtfront” and Bow tie, and ties on with organza ribbon ties. Made in the USA How to pick the right size for your Pet This isnbsp;… [View Details]

Formal scarf for Dogs – Velvet with Pearls

Formal scarf for Dogs – Velvet with Pearls$18.00

She wore blue velvet, like the song says, and your dog will look smashing in pearls and blue velvet. Organza bows at the ends of the pearl strands make this scarf a class act. Also available in “lady in red” red. How to pick the right size for your Pet

Rescue Barrel Collar

Rescue Barrel Collar$32.00

This zippered Pocket is Handy for holding plastic bags, treats or maybe a little bottle of spirits for the traditional use of the barrel. Traditionally the rescue Barrel is worn by St. Bernard dogs, but this will be great fun on just about any kind of big dog. 1” wide webbing fits necks 17” tonbsp;… [View Details]

Tropical Leis for Dogs

Tropical Leis for Dogs$4.00 Sold Out

Leis!  Get your island attitude on – wear a lei!  These lovely multi color leis are stretchy and made just for dogs! One style, in Small (up to 10” necks) Medium (up to 20” necks) and Large (up to 30” necks)

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