Bad Dog Hats is a small family owned and run company. Our philosophy is borne of the belief that animals are our friends.  Two principles guide our company and shape how we do business, one that animals should not be exploited ever, as such we have determined that our products will not have feathers, will not be made of leather.  While it is true that feathers fall out naturally, we believe that by making hats with feathers, people are encouraged to use more than can be found fallen out naturally, leading to more animal exploitation.  We believe feathers look best on their original owners.

The second part of our philosophy is that we are dedicated to creating jobs in the US and we will do our best to not import products from anywhere outside the US because we want to help implement economic recovery. We are creating jobs, not just for ourselves, but for the people who design our products, make the materials, manufacture our products, pack, ship and deliver our products. We hope that it is worth paying a bit more to help with economic recovery, and we will do our best to keep our prices competitive without importing our products.

Help us help the US economy, Buy American made products.  American products mean jobs for Americans.


About our Dogs

Daisy was our co founder Dog along with Buford, when we started Bad Dog Hats in 2009, Daisy was the inspiration for the Logo:



but sadly she passed away in 2012. You can see her modeling the founding father costume and in a few other places. She was a very sweet Rottweiler who slept in front of our Son’s bedroom door, ever on protection patrol.

Buford was pretty young when we started  out, he looks so young now when I look at the Chef Buford pictures! Hes a perfect size M, and probably has modeled more for us than any other dog.

chef buford 1

Winchester is almost 2 years old and he is our Large dog model, hes a Catahoula, otherwise known as a Louisana Leopard Dog, and he is beautiful!  Winchester is named after the hunter family from Supernatural!


And shown here with Winchester is our newest pack member, Rocket! We went to the bank in Kerrville, TX and came out and I saw a little dog who came right up to me. We asked around and couldn’t find his owner, so we took him to the Kerrville animal control, but nobody claimed him. I looked around on some other lost pet boards but nobody seemed to be looking for him.  So we picked him up, got him fixed and shots and brought him home to become a new member of our pack! After about 3 weeks his personality is really coming out and he is living up to his name, Rocket. He’s Fast! We named him after Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy, hes not a racoon, but he climbed right up me when i first picked him up. Hes pretty sassy and is turning out to be a pretty good model too, on the big side of small, but hes a good sport.



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